Time left for Surfernet's 25th Anniversary 3-Day Event


Scheduled Events

To celebrate these 25 years of unbelievable experiences, we would like to introduce you to a series of events to share with you some of the good things that happened to us.

  • Grand Gala - Miami HQDec 3-5, 2021
  • Worldwide Broadcast Session

Friday – December 3, 2021

Opening Pool Party & BBQ

Starting at 6:00 PM


Saturday – December 4, 2021

Surfernet Worldwide HQ
Private Tours & Workshops

From 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Saturday – December 4, 2021

25th Anniversary Celebration
Grand Gala & Awards

Starting at 4:00 PM

Welcome Photocall * 25 Years in the Making - VideoClips * SF25 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony * Top 5 People - Appreciation Awards * In Memoriam - Fallen Surfers * Top 5 Blockbuster Programs * Dinner & Live Music


Sunday – December 5, 2021

Beach Party & Brunch by the Sea

From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Webcast Alternative

For all friends, collaborators, clients and other partners who can not attend the live meeting on December 4th, sign up to enjoy our International Grand Gala Presentation via our Worldwide Live Broadcast Session.

Details will be provided at a later time only to users who have been registered for the streaming option.

Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

Once Upon a Time ...

It seems like it was yesterday… It was May 20th, 1996 and I was living in La Jolla, California, about 2 hours South of Los Angeles. It was a Monday and at 1AM PST I registered the domain name www.surfernet.com, which was the beginning of it all. I was leaving behind years of research in theoretical physics and mathematics to fully dive, without any previous experience, into the surfing waters of software, technology and business.

I’d like to point out that this amazing journey started with an HTML version of my résumé. Back in 1996, armed with a primitive laptop and with a 2,400 baud modem connection, I used my résumé to illustrate prospective clients how they could create customized digital content for a new channel… the Internet. Of course, in the late 90s Surfernet also made millions of CD-ROMs (literally!) while the Internet speed was not fast enough to accommodate other marketing options. Back then, the year before I founded Surfernet, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon and the leading internet Search Engines were Altavista and Yahoo! Marc Andreessen was starting the Netscape browsing revolution as a spin-off from his Mosaic Web Browser, which is what I used to write and program, by hand, my résumé using HTML language… Most of the software technology revolution was happening in California, but Big Pharma was not there, so we had to move our focus to Europe and the US East Coast… Those initial years were challenging and very busy, with little hours of sleep, but we never lacked exciting moments!

Since that founding moment in 1996, 25 years later, Surfernet has created over 2,500 different software programs which have been used in all continents of the World (except Antarctica, of course 😉), and we are very proud to have had the opportunity to create and launch many of our innovative ideas as key marketing partners for the 50 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as creating some seminal technology developments for other industries.

News & Communications

SF25 Mobile App!

Surfernet has created a Unique and Innovative Mobile App to keep track of all activities and generate engagement for our 25 Anniversary Event in Miami.

LinkedIn Update

LinkedIn post inviting everyone to come to Miami in October for our International Gala Celebration. We hope you enjoy the video recap (English version) of the Virtual Event Presentation from May 20th.

Watch the Virtual Event!

If you missed it, or want to remember special moments shared during our May 20th Virtual Event, click here to watch the full video (45 min - YouTube)

D-Day & Virtual Tour

Join me in this Special Event to remember & summarize 25 years of unique innovation and celebrate together our amazing relationship. After the event, you may return to do a Virtual Tour of our HQ Campus in Miami and complete the Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

A Year of Celebrations

Letter from Dr. Javier P. Muniain, Founder and CEO of Surfernet, inviting legacy and current employees, clients and collaborators to share this Anniversary experience with him.

15 Days to the Virtual Event

First LinkedIn post inviting everyone to register for the May 20th Virtual Event and for the in-person International Gala Celebration to take place in Miami from Oct 8-10, 2021.

Inauguration Placard

March 27, 2021 (Saturday):
Special trip to San Diego, California to commemorate and inaugurate a special placard, installed on a boulder at the historical Anderson's residence.
4886 Sparks Ave, San Diego, CA 92110.

The Surfernet "Garage"...

Everything started on May 20, 1996!
Mar 23, 2021 (Tuesday): Amazing memories! Visit by Dr. Javier P. Muniain and his family to the exact location where Surfernet was founded.
La Regencia Apartment Complex
7681 Palmilla Drive. La Jolla, CA 92122.

Congrats & Greetings

We are sure Javier will be excited to receive some comments from you remembering the 'good old times'. Please take some time to sign-up for any of the events and send your feedback (even if you are not able to attend any of the events).

Send all the messages you want from the box below and remember to return at a later time to add more comments, anecdotes, greetings, etc.

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Monica 10.4.2021

Muchos logros que celebrar y mucha ilusión de verlos !

Javier 9.23.2021

We are very excited to finally be able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary 3-Day Live Event in Miami on Dec 3-5, 2021. The US-Europe border will finally open in early November, so we are re-energized again to have a great time during our historical celebrations. We look forward to seeing you all in December!

Jose Manuel 7.8.2021

Con muchas ganas de que llegue octubre para visitar el estado del sol !

Javier 7.8.2021

I'm testing the new Event App Surfernet created for the Anniversary celebration in Miami. I love it!

Mark 5.20.2021

Yahoo !!

Francisco Javier 5.20.2021

Muy orgulloso de haber aportado un granito de arena a ese proyecto tan importante y que tanto te ilusiona, gracias Javier.

Rafael 5.20.2021

Congratulations on 25 years Javier and Elia! It seems like it was only yesterday that we began our professional relationship. The many late nights working around the world turned that into a personal relationship that I truly cherish and hold dear. A wise married man once said that behind every successful man is a great woman, well at least that’s what my wife tells me. Wishing you continued success and another prosperous 25 years, Ralph & Maria

Esmeralda 5.20.2021


Raúl 5.20.2021

Javier, enhorabuena por esos veinticinco años de triunfos. La motivación de un emprendedor que supo caminar por tierras americanas. Desearte que este proyecto dure otro tanto, lo que significara que seguiremos viendo nuevos retos conseguidos. Un abrazo y besos de toda tu familia segoviana

David 5.20.2021

¡Han pasado muchos años desde esa casa-oficina de Weehawken en NJ!

Heidy 5.20.2021

Congratulations!!! It is an honor to join this special event.

Paola 5.20.2021

Tu historia, tu perseverancia y tu visión son extraordinarias y muy motivacionales para esta generación. Felicidades a ti, a tu familia y a todo el equipo de trabajo que han hecho realidad este sueño.

Rana 5.20.2021

well done Javier, You are truly an inspiration to young generation and example of what hard work can accomplish. Congratulations my friend!

Richard 5.19.2021

It was around February of 2016 when I had the honor of meeting Javier for the first time. I was commissioned to be his architect for his property in South Florida. Javier had a vision and knew exactly what he wanted. He shared that vision with me and together we were able to create a fascinating and outstanding piece of architecture., an amazing structure of glass and concrete. His admiration for Modern Architecture was evident., with crisp lines and an embrace of minimalism. The design and drawings may have taken almost two years to develop, and I believe a permit was granted ending the year of 2018. Although demanding in his own right, working with Javier on this project was a rewarding experience for me. I would have aspirations that one day we may be able to collaborate once again to design and build another work of art.

Miguel Angel 5.18.2021

Esto es la hostia. FELICIDADES y muchos éxitos más.

Xavier 5.18.2021

Congratulations on such an important milestone! It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to hearing what is next in store for you. Congratulations on your 25 years!

Jose Luis 5.18.2021

Buenos días Javier. Enhorabuena por tantos éxitos conseguidos y por contribuir a la innovación del presente . Nos alegramos de tener en la familia un "vaquero" que se maneja tan bien en el "oeste global". Estamos muy orgullosos de todo lo que has logrado . Mucho ánimo y a seguir inventando el futuro... 😘

Esther 5.17.2021

Muchisimas Felicidades!!!todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa,!!! Ánimo y a por otros 25 años más!!!! Tan buenos o mejores que estos que estamos celebrando. Os queremos mucho!!!! Familia Sanchez Pintado

Edmundo 5.17.2021

Es increíble como pasa el tiempo y como la innovación va dejando su huella. Sin duda no cualquiera va construyendo con ese ritmo, así lo ha hecho Surfernet... Mil felicidades, que nunca se detenga ese empeño por innovar y encontrar soluciones. ¡Muchos años mas!

María Jesús 5.16.2021

Enhorabuena!!!! Bien hecho!!! A por otros 25!!!!😉👏👏👏

Hugo 5.16.2021

Congratulations Javier for this new milestone of Surfernet!

Juan 5.13.2021

I always remember the joke we had between Elia, javier and I. During our conversations there was always a moment when he moves gears from relaxed topics to business and in that moment a special flash bright at his eyes... in the moment all you could see in his pupils was the dollar sign :)

Javier 5.12.2021

I loved doing the green screen videos this week!

Julio 5.7.2021

Enhorabuena por estos 25 años!,

Joshua 5.6.2021

Javi, it is with great pleasure that I am seeing the results of your hard work. Twenty five years and 2500 projects later, hard to imagine, but easy to believe (given your drive and ambition). Congratulations my friend! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Joshua

Bruce 5.5.2021

Greetings Javier and the Surfernet team!! I’m looking forward to seeing you all and catching up after too many years. I have very fond memories working with you all and will always be remembered as ‘Numero Uno’. Felicitationes!! I look forward to celebrating 25 years with all of you. Cheers!

Mark 5.5.2021

Congratulations on 25 years of success. It was great working with you in the Schering-Plough days where we had a lot of fun too. It has also been terrific seeing you over the last several years as well. I’m still waiting for the ride in one of your fancy cars 😀. All the best to you, Elia, your family and of course Surfernet.

Alex 5.5.2021

Congratulations Javier and all the Surfernet Team, great to be part of your history. Wishing you many more years of success and innovation. Alex Nieto

Germán 4.27.2021

Una satisfacción el haber podido contribuir al éxito de este proyecto como cliente, aunque sea a pequeña escala y mucha más satisfacción en lo personal por haberos conocido y construido esta relación de amistad. Larga vida a Surfernet y que nos sigamos viendo muchísimos años más!!!!

Debbie 4.26.2021

Congratulations Javier, Elia and your family. Our time working, collaborating and dining with you all over the world has been wonderful. I look forward to the time we can be together again hopefully soon.

Maria 4.26.2021

Javier y familia, Agradezco la oportunidad de compartir con ustedes en este magno evento para celebrar las cosas increíbles que han realizado durante estos 25 años. Me inspiró mucho leer la historia de tus comienzos y donde han llegado hasta el día de hoy. Les deseo que sigan teniendo éxitos en sus soluciones de software.

Luis 4.23.2021

Un enorme placer recordar juntos y de nuevo esos años de excelente colaboración, los tiempos que Surfernet nos enseñaba hasta lo que era internet y a partir de ahí, los proyectos con los que alcanzamos objetivos y atrapábamos clientes, mientras disfrutábamos del momento generando una muy buena amistad. Bravo por 25 jóvenes años!

Carlos 4.22.2021

Hola! Muchas felicidades...ha pasado muuuuucho tiempo. Abrazo!

Germán 4.22.2021

Hace ya 2 años que tome la decisión de viajar hasta la sede de Miami para trabajar en la construcción de tu nueva casa, y desde el primer día sabía que a pesar de ser algo duro iba a merecer la pena. Te doy mi mas sincera enhorabuena por lo que has conseguido y te admiro por haber llegado hasta dónde has llegado. Cuenta conmigo para ambos eventos. Un abrazo. Germán Jr

Mark 4.22.2021

Listo !

Nancy 4.22.2021

¡Muchas felicidades Javier! Por estos primeros 25 años 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 En cada proyecto dejas el corazón y eso es digno de admirar. En hora buena por todo lo que has logrado.

Federico 4.21.2021

Dicen que "todo tiempo pasado fué mejor", pero yo siempre he creido que "lo mejor esta por venir" y conociéndolo a Javier, seguro, así será.

Eduard 4.21.2021

Hola Javier, creo que seguramente fuí uno de vuestros primeros clientes cuando trabajaba en Almirall. Ahora tengo mi propia empresa y me alegra ver que habéis cumplido 25 años , crecido mucho y que estáis en forma. Espero poder hacer lo mismo en mi empresa que justo esta semana cumple 2 años. Enhorabuena !!!

Amalia 4.21.2021

Muy ilusionada con los nuevos desarrollos de negocio con Surfernet. “New concept Store. New business. “ 😃

Augusto 4.21.2021

Felicidades por estos 25 años y a por 25 mas !

Federico 4.21.2021

Orgulloso de ser parte de la familia Surfernet Mexico, muchas anécdotas y aprendizaje. Abrazo Javier Federico Sunderland

Ivan 4.21.2021

Asistiré encantado a dicho evento. Ya que tuve el privilegio de pertenecer, durante poquito tiempo, a esta gran empresa en mi etapa laboral temprana. La cual me sirvió de mucho. Un fuerte abrazo.

Jose 4.21.2021

Felicidades de parte de José Colón y Tatiana Rodriguez. Que los próximos 25 años sean aún más prósperos y bendecidos.